Who Am I?

Jason King has trained with Geovital in Austria and Australia and lives in Florida USA. Jason is a veteran IT worker who took up investigating the impacts of electromagnetic wave frequencies on human and natural systems after 30 years of exposure to computer technology began to take an effect on him. Jason is also particularly interested in the societal impacts of untested and unsafe technology on the population at large and seeks a workable, balance between technology and human wellbeing.


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

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Jason King

Some highlights

I enjoy being able to recommend to my client’s, practical solutions that bring positive improvements to my client’s homes and workplaces, by reducing their exposure to WIFI, dirty electricity and geopathic stress.

Often a client’s concerns a fraught with worry and stress, they sense there is a problem with electromagnetic, or WIFI overexposure but don’t quite know how to define it or what the solution is. To me, it’s a great accomplishment to be able to provide practical steps that can alleviate their concerns and show tangible measurable results, that improve their living conditions.

My process begins with direct conversations and interviews with the client, to assess their situation. Following which, I undertake a situational analysis of their location’s exposure to cell towers and transmission lines, or nearby power plants. I always recommend that the client does not reveal any health information to me, so as not to bias any investigation. Often after my results are produced, we can identify those exposure points, remediate them, and then test for outcomes.

Jason enjoys kayaking in his local bayou’s, mango groves, and waterways of Tampa Bay. As well as occasional travel and enjoying the many great trails and vistas in the great parks of the Smoky Mountains.