Who Am I?

Passionate for health and holistic wellbeing, I am an electrical engineer who wants to live up Ghandhi’s famous quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. My aim is to help people earn health, stay in health, procreate and evolve in the best possible manner for the conditions of society these days.


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

  • Mattress Consultant

Profile Picture

Azul Fernandez Indulsky
“ I call it a job well done when you have done something that is good for yourself and something that is good for others. That is when you feel fulfilled and no longer need to ask whether you are living a happy life”

Some highlights

The ultimate rewarding feeling that you obtain after an electromagnetic field home assessment has no price. The feeling of knowing that you were able to help a person find at least one of possibly many factors that could have been the cause of ill health.

Every home assessment and following shielding is an accomplishment for me because I sense and I know that the patient will now spend their regeneration time – sleep time – in a healthier environment.

I am proud of all of the knowledge I have acquired during my travels in France, Australia, Italy and Austria. I feel that this knowledge can really be of use to help my clients.

When I carry a home assessment and knowing that I am in a private home and partially invading a private space, I like to make sure that the client knows what I am doing. I usually start by introducing them to the man-made electromagnetic fields and showing a few measurements around the home. Without dwelling too much into it, I start measuring the fields in the bedrooms of concern. If there are issues with the electric and magnetic fields, I begin searching the high radiation sources and proposing possible solutions to these problems.

Once the assessment of the man-made electromagnetic fields is complete, I ask the client to give me some space so that I can carry out the geobiology assessment of their bedroom.

Once the two assessments are complete, I sit down with the client and explain my findings and propose a list of solutions to mediate the problems related to geopathic stress and man-made radiation.

I find that getting in touch with nature is one of my favourite pastimes. Hiking, mountain biking and walking barefoot on the green mountain fields are things I could simply not do without. I often catch the morning sunrise, walk barefoot on the morning dew and breathing deeply I thank the sun for all that it has given us and keep on giving us.