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Learn how to investigate and mitigate EMF radiation in homes to create healthier environments

The GEOVITAL EMF Business Start-Up Course is likely the most inclusive consultant training in the field of EMF radiation and Geopathic Stress. Guided online classes to learn the theory of assessing and addressing EMF radiation in the EMF1 module, whilst learning about the business side of our industry in the EMF2 module and doing a or witnessing supervised real home assessments online, concluded by a unique comprehensive practical in-person workshop in which you learn about Geopathic Stress AND to ACTUAL home assessments in real houses!

Do you think it is unfair how we are exposed to so much EMF radiation for which there is so much research indicating how harmful it is? Taking care of it your own life is wonderful, but our consultants have a passion for enabling others to protect themselves as well, in logical and effective ways which fit into a wholistic approach to health. If you can see yourself helping others and building rewarding career from it, then keep reading. This page explains about the most comprehensive and supportive EMF consultant training course now in existence.

Electric Field radiation measurement during PRO EMF course
Patrick van der Burght
Patrick van der BurghtSenior Managing Partner GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL
Patrick has taught hundreds of people across the continents and many have gone on to assist their community with EMF radiation.
Patrick is an international speaker on the subject of EMF, is likely the person with the most experience consulting on Radiation-Free Building and assist ordinary families, corporate high-flyers, celebrities and royalty with home assessments and improvements.

Early Bird Discounts now increased significantly for the first seats in courses starting further way

The best course available for those wanting to know the complete story from a holistic health perspective and/or start their business offering EMF radiation assessment and mitigation

After many years of teaching people in a 4 day intensive course style, a dramatic change was called for. Since its creation, Patrick’s signature course has earned much respect and produced more confident and capable consultants than ever before. This was the thought process:

There is a lot of theory to cover. It is not difficult, but it is a lot. It is costly to travel to a workshop in Austria, Australia, Canada or Asia, and to then spent days sitting in a class room to cover theory doesn’t seem like a good use of time. Patrick was already teaching courses online but fell into a similar ‘intense’ and fast paced habit. What this new course offers proved much needed and wanted.

After COVID changed the world and the way we travel and do work, further adjustments were made and the training is now available in THREE high value easy to stage parts (EMF1 EMF2 and EMF3).

  • Do Professional level theory of EMF assessments and mitigation online without the need to travel.
  • Allow the learning of theory at people’s own pace during a week using online training videos, followed by weekly live online review sessions.
  • Provide such detailed training so that with instruments, even after just the guided online course module (EMF1), self practice assessments can be done and with some practice you can start your new business and start earning your investment back.
  • Allow ongoing access to the training materials for review after the course.
  • Business Skills training sessions provide in the optional EMF2 module. Some of these are very industry specific and very valuable.
  • Creation of an optional copy website as part of the EMF2 module.
  • Supervised Online Home Assessment (during EMF2 access) where you can assess a home near you with your GEOVITAL meters and have a trainer with you on video call/zoom.
  • Witness the Supervised Online Home Assessments of other students (during EMF2 access) and learn from unique situation and the feedback given.
  • In-Person Practical Workshop in Europe, Australia, Canada or Asia to practice EMF assessment and Geopathic Stress Assessment skills (EMF3)

World-First and still unique…
EMF Consultant Course with Actual Home Assessments

You might be surprised that actual home assessments aren’t always part of EMF consultant training courses. Home assessments is what you will be doing once you are trained, so it makes sense to do them with a trainer, don’t you agree?

Once a solid base of understanding of the subject matter of EMF home assessment and mitigation (from a wholistic approach) has been build in the EMF1 Guided Online Course, then the next (optional) modules (EMF2 and EMF3) will would propel students to unseen levels of confidence.

  • EMF2 provides the opportunity of a virtual assessment where actual home assessments are practiced under supervision.
  • EMF3 is a 3-4 Day in-person practical workshop held in Austria, Australia, Canada or Asia
  • Doing multiple full home assessments, possibly with local residents there, gives great and real experience
  • EMF3 is the only way to learn about geopathic stress assessment skills as this can’t be taught online.

As soon as students are enrolled in the Business Sessions (EMF2) they gain access to 12 months of dedicated online business training sessions most of which are industry specific and at the conclusion of EMF1 the creation of a copy website for your business can be started if so desired. All this gives students a flying start straight out the course.

This is included if you went through all modules of the
EMF Business Start-Up Course
the way it was intended including the optional EMF2 and EMF3

Click the tabs to see the inclusions.

Guided Online Course in EMF Radiation Assessment
The guided online online course runs over about 5 to 6 weeks. You gain access to the Online Knowledge Centre where you find all the training materials and more. Most of the training in done with videos, so just sit back, relax and absorb when it’s convenient to you with that week. The advantage here is that you can pause your lesson, rewind it, restart it… You can even come back to it after the course for years to come.

Included subjects in the course are:

  • Electricity as source of radiation
  • Tools of the trade (meters)
  • The Home Assessment Process
  • Avoidance, Elimination and Mitigation Solutions
  • Under standing shielding effectiveness and how to identify misleading marketing
  • Mitigation processes and examples
  • Geopatchic Stress introduction
  • Healthier mattresses

EMF consultants in training having fun
The online practical workshop (EMF2) is limited to normally 8 people(!) which makes this also a very personal experience.

  • Business Skills sessions online for 12 months, including subjects like Social Media Marketing, Effective Communication, Time management, Webinar Hosting, Videography for Content Creation, Presentation Skills, Body Language, EMF Assessment Business Basics and more. Valued at USD 800
  • Creation of a copy Website on your domain name and hosting (more info below) after you completed EMF1. Valued at USD 500
  • Online Practical Home Assessment where those with the GEOVITAL Meters can assess a home under online supervision.
  • Witness other EMF2 students do Online Practical Home Assessments and learn from their experience and feedback given.
  • Optionally, make your EMF2 module the ‘Expanded Version’ with a AUD 2597 or 1797 USD Dr Cialdini certification course for ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ and 8 coaching sessions. (offer may change without notice)

EMF2 is a value packed add-on to EMF1 that will help you start your EMF business with a lot more confidence and skills. Enrol in EMF2 at the same time as EMF1 (if you like) and you may likely be learning about the business side of things before your EMF1 course begins.

Simple website created for you

Free website with EMF training course by Patrick van der Burght
Creating a website can be daunting. We have created a simple website that we can make a copy of for you. The website can be viewed at Once you have paid for EMF2 and completed EMF1, you can request for your copy to be made. It will be somewhat personalised by using your EMF1 assignments for some of the texts in the site. You can always log in and start updating things yourself as soon as you get the ‘keys’.

You organise the domain name and the hosting and we’ll park this good locking simple website there for you. It is something professional to point your clients to on your business cards and start creating your own online presence.

EMF consultants in training having fun
The in-person practical workshop (EMF3) is limited to normally 6 people(!) which makes this a very personal experience.

  • Between enrolment and your EMF3 workshop starting date, you’ll be invited to witness LIVE home assessments online.
  • 3 or 4 Day In-Person Practical Workshop at the location you choose
    (Sulzberg, Austria – Melbourne, Australia – Vancouver, Canada – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (under development))
  • Multiple Home Assessments for practice
  • Geopathic Stress assessment skills training
  • For workshops held in Austria, a visit to the GEOVITAL ACADEMY

NOTE: Students are expected to book their accommodation in a AirBNB entire home in a designated area and possibly pre-approved venues. It is your accommodation that we may practice home assessments in and/or possibly homes from members of the public. If no suitable home was rented by the student, then a levy of U$400 will have to be charged so we can rent homes to assesses instead.

Access to the Business Sessions

EMF business skills session on effective communication
As soon as you commit to (pay) EMF2, you’ll get access to the Online Business Sessions for 12 months. Meaning, if you commit to EMF1 and EMF2 from the beginning, you’ll be able to access the business sessions immediately. If you enrol in EMF2 later you will then gain access to your 12 months of business sessions from when you enrol in EMF2.

Access to Office Hours online sessions

Regularly Patrick hosts a Zoom meeting for his past PRO level students called OFFICE HOURS. A nice way to be able to ask more questions after the course has ended and listen and learn from the questions of others.

It is not the cheapest course, but considering the inclusions and getting you more ready for success… the BEST value for money.

You can find the dates of the EMF1, EMF2 and EMF3 modules in the event calendar which has the most specific details of that course, so please check that out. The courses are also listed (with less details) as items in the online shop and can be purchased there.

Consider the inclusion of a website copy (valued USD 500), 12 months of business sessions (valued USD 800), the oppertunity to assess your home under supervision by Patrick or a senior consultant (valued at USD 500 to 1500) and the fact you’ll only do the the EMF1 with maximum 8 people and the EMF3 with maximum 6 people, the value of this training program is exceptional. It gets you in the field quickly (after EMF1 you can start helping people) and see you start to earn your investment back already.

Next step

Now you need to go to the online shop to see which courses are available and which may be full. Then go to the calendar to view the most amount of details of the courses. You’ll find a more detailed time table for the EMF1 courses and how it may sit for other time zones. For EMF3 workshops you will find accommodation recommendations and more).  Purchase the EMF1 course of your choice (there may be only one on the planner) before seats are gone. If you want to learn and start your access to business skills now, then you can purchase the EMF2 at the same time.

We suggest you purchase a spot in an EMF3 workshop as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and you may be able to secure an early bird discount on your EMF3 if booked well in advance.

We look forward to seeing you in training soon and saving the world soon after.

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