EMF Consultant - Virginie Guillot

Who Am I?

I have an interest in a holistic approach to health and I am aware on how our own environment can determine our health and our ability to recover from illness.

I have an eye for details, having worked in a medical environment for 21 years, where I was involved in audit procedures to bring improvements to various processes.

Through Geovital, I am delighted that I can now help others to understand and locate the various man-made radiation in their home (thanks to very specific “Geovital instruments” which can measure how much radiation your body absorbs).
Together we will find remedial solutions in your environment and particularly in the bedroom for you and your family to create a peaceful sleeping area for your body to regenerate at night.

With more and more people working from home, it is now more important than ever to make sure that our home is safe and correctly equipped in order to ensure that we have optimum working conditions to maintain our health.

I am available for EMF home assessments or pre-purchase home assessments.


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Pre-purchase Inspections

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Virginie Guillot
Virginie GuillotEMF Radiation Consultant

Some highlights

I enjoy educating people to look at their own environment as a sacred place for recovery that brings physical and mental peace. I am delighted to share knowledge and offer recommendations and solutions that can transform lives.

Sleep deprivation and brain fog are some of the most common problems that I encounter when assessing radiation levels in the house.
By identifying and neutralizing the source of the radiation,, clients have confirmed that following my visit, they started sleeping better again, and that for me is a real gift that I can offer to people.

Having carried out audits in the past, I have an eye for detail and enjoy investigating the source of radiation. By applying a step by step approach, I bring positive changes to everyone I visit.

I enjoy singing and leading groups to create a sense of unity through the voice.
For me, it is a form of meditation which brings calmness and focus to my work.