Who Am I?

Martin is a very knowledgeable former Electronic Technician. After leaving behind conventional practices, he embarked on a journey, which lead him to become a Massage Therapist. Being aware of how EMF Radiation impacted his own health he decided to study at Geovital Academy in Austria. After building his professional portfolio he now offers assessments and mitigations in Central Florida, USA.

  • EMF Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Workplace EMF Assessments

  • Geopathic Stress Assessment and Mitigation

  • Shielding Services

Profile Picture

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. Achieving the best dwelling environment in your home is a great step to help the body to improve homeostasis.”
Martin Latino

Some highlights

  • Martin enjoys being involved in new home construction and helping families to achieve an EMF-free environment. He likes teaching others about the modern world technology deemed to be “safe” and likes educating people in all aspects of wellness.

  • As someone that had mild electro hypersensitivity, Martin spent years of research working on getting his own health back! He learned “If the human vessel is full of the wrong things it cannot cope with stressors and it can malfunction”. Knowing how toxic a body can be, he started making healthier lifestyle choices and began changing one thing at a time. Through perseverance, trial/error, and discernment from God he succeeded and achieved full health resiliency. Martin addresses that Electro-Pollution is something that we are all exposed to most of the time and mitigation is the solution.

  • Identifying different types of man-made EMF Radiation requires different types of instrumentation and equipment for a proper assessment. The best way to learn is hands-on with an interactive approach. The owners are normally involved in the assessment of the house or property, this will ensure a better understanding of what the issues are and the solutions to be implemented. Since the human body is created to heal or repair itself mostly during the night, Martin will prioritize bedrooms and make sure that radiation levels are safe to achieve a better healing response.

  • In his spare time, Martin loves having fun with his family, he is also a musician and he likes playing ambient music with his electric guitar, his hobbies also are building electronics and programming.

    He likes to listen to or watch topics on biohacking. Martin enjoys being outdoors developing permaculture/ecosystems, growing some of his own food, and harvesting from his own garden. It is one of the best decisions he made to improve his family’s health and wellness.