Who Am I?

I have an interest in health and wellbeing which was set in motion after a multi-year exposure to environmental disease. This led me to where I am today operating as a Geovital Geobiologist offering a home assessment service to help people create the healthiest bedrooms and homes possible. I also run a monthly Wellbeing Market and prior to running the market, I spent 18 years working in the corporate world in the financial services and ICT sectors specialising as a Business Analyst.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

  • Magnetic field long-term logging services

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Duncan Franz
Duncan FranzEMF Consultant
The best investment you will ever make is in your own health. So take action today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Some highlights

Any project where issues are identified, action is taken by the client and healthier bedrooms and homes are created.

Turning a negative health experience into a positive and changing many perceptions and aspects of my life.

I start off with the pre-assessment overview which provides the client with a high-level overview of what is about to take place, the process that we will follow and the equipment that we will be using. We then move into the assessment and investigation process and once completed, there will be a debrief, and if required, solutions will be discussed. The key to this process being successful is getting the clients involved and actively engaged in the assessment process which will then give us the best chance of creating the healthiest bedrooms and homes possible.

Getting outdoors and doing mountain and nature walks.