Who Am I?

Bob is an EMF Radiation Consultant in the Seattle metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.  He worked in the field of Property Management and residential construction sales for many years.  It wasn’t until he read Sam Milham’s book, Dirty Electricity, that he awakened to the health implications of Electromagnetic Pollution.  Training with GeoVital was a great decision.  Based on their nearly 40 years in the field gave him the perspective of how to help people from a holistic perspective.

  • EMF Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • How to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

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Bob Freer
“There are smart home solutions for today’s wireless world. It starts with a professional assessment. Keeping your family safe means reducing, eliminating, and mitigating EMFs for a healthier home”

Some highlights

Bob loves working with families, especially those with young children.  Man-made EMF radiation greatly impacts children’s developing neurological and other systems.  Teaching parents about the impact of all EMFs, particularly about good “EMF Hygiene” by reducing wireless devices and going to wired systems within the house is a great start.

Involving both adults and kids in measuring and using the instruments and explaining the health impacts of EMF Pollution provides a wonderful opportunity to share a larger understanding of the technology we use.  This way both kids and adults get to learn together.  The more we do things with families the stronger the community grows.

The goal of completing an EMF radiation assessment is to make sure you, the client understand the various levels of radiation within the home.  The bedroom sleep sanctuary is the most critical part of piecing together a healthy and restful environment.  Sleep time is when our body is supposed to relax and regenerate from the stressors of our busy days.  Returning to an “ancestral” sleep sanctuary, without a cell phone, wireless and other Radio Frequency pulsed signals are important.  Equally important is to cut the electrical fields in our bedrooms while we sleep.

With the growing scientific studies about the stressors of Radio Frequency radiation (cell phones, cell towers, and all things wireless, there is an urgency to educate people on the health implications of using this technology.  But High-Frequency Radio Waves are not the only thing to be aware of.  Through simple explanations, it is possible to help you understand what is going on in your home environment within the total range of EMF pollution including Electric and Magnetic fields in addition to cell and wireless technology.  Involving everyone in the household to actively participate in the process and demonstrating healthy and unhealthy ways to use technology in our everyday lives seems to be the most educational approach.

Taking a spiritual retreat by traveling to my Teacher’s Ashram in India is the most wonderful experience. Situated between the Arabian Sea and its backwaters is a Holy place that calms my mind and body and opens my heart.  When that is not possible, spending time in Nature in the Pacific Northwest is the second-best thing.