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We offer health focussed investigation, solutions and training in creating healthier homes and families, through crafting healthier bedrooms

Thank you for visiting us and congratulations that you did. Creating healthier homes is normally not difficult, but you need the right approach, developed for the right reasons and use quality products designed for effectiveness whilst still fitting into a holistic approach to health.

Health Stronghold is the communications tool of Patrick van der Burght who is the Senior Managing Partner of GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL which looks after countries outside Europe. Patrick travels the world to assist families, athletes, royalty and corporate high flyers to improve their environment and he has taught many of the professionals now active and becoming well known in this field. A growing network of passionate people wanting to help their fellowmen to take control of their exposure to EMF radiation and other stressors affecting their health and sense of wellbeing.

We believe that education and investigation should come first, before investing money to implement changes. This way they are targeted, based on the facts and not unnecessary.

In this site you will find a growing wealth of information. When you are ready, given the quality of content you’ve found here, we trust you’ll see fit to allow us to assist you in person with your home or project.

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