High Accuracy 68mm milliamp AC Clamp Meter with logging

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High Accuracy and large 68mm (!) digital AC Clamp Meter with Logging and download functionality.
Assess leakage of current on a single wire or entire service drop if accessible, from milliamps to 1200A

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In stock (can be backordered)


High Accuracy and large Clamp Meter (68mm AC) with Logging and download functionality

Assess leakage of current on a single wire or entire service drop if accessible, from millamps to 1200A

Suitable for electricians, home owners, Geobiologist, Building Biologists and others.

Ⅰ. Introduction 

This High Accuracy large clamp meter is specially designed for measurement of AC leakage current; by adopting up-to-date CT technology and digital integration technology, it is a product with relatively small size, large clamp, high accuracy and perfect function compared with similar leakers in the world. The instrument could be widely applied in those fields as electricity, communications, building biology, geobiology, meteorology, railroad, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific & research teaching institutes, industrial and mining establishments. Clamp core of this High Accuracy Clamp Leaker adopts a special alloy; in addition, with utilization of magnetic shielding technology, it is almost free from influences of external magnetic field so as to ensure high precision, high stability and high reliability of perennial continuous measurement.

This High Accuracy Clamp Leaker has a USB interface. With the help of the software provided, many functions are available. For example, the meter can realize on-line monitoring, historical data inquiry, active curve drawing, indication of max, min and average value and indication, alarm value setting, indication of alarm value, historical data inquiry, export, and print. This meter can be used to measure current of AC circuits with AC voltage lower than 600V, on-line current; and have the function of peaking holding, data holding and storage; with convenient use, it is an essential tool for electrical safety testing.

. Technical Specification

Measurement of AC leakage current, AC current and on-line measurement
Zn-Mn dry battery,6F22,9V
Size of clamp
below 70%RH)
0.00mA~59.9A:      ±1.5%±5dgt
60.0A~199A:           ±2%±5dgt
200A~599A:            ±3%±5dgt
600A~1200A:          ±4%±5dgt
Test Mode
Clip-on CT, integral mode
Display Mode
Four digits LCD display
LCD Dimension
35mm×21.5mm;display domain:32mm×15mm
Sampling Rate
about 2 times/s
Range Shift
Voltage Range
USB Interface
Data stored in the memory of the meter via USB upload to PC, or on-line monitoring
USB line
99units,all used when display FULL
Peak Hold
Push HOLD without release, the meter will show the peak value during the pushing period
Reading Hold
‘DH’ indicates the reading is held
Out of Range
‘OL’ indicates the current is out of range
Auto Power-off
5 Minutes after power on, it will power off automatically to lower the power consumption
Battery Voltage
Indicates the battery voltage is lower than 7.2V.Then the battery have to be changed
515g (including the battery)
About 15mW
Temperature and Humidity
Working: 0℃~40℃, below 80% rh,
Temperature and Humidity
Storage: -10℃~60℃, below 70% rh
Insulating Strength
AC2kV/rms.(between the alloy of the clamp and the housing)
Applicable Safety Rules
IEC1010-1、IEC1010-2-032、pollution, etc 2、CAT Ⅲ(600V)
1x Meter. 1x Carry and storage pouch. 1x USB cable. 1x Software on CD-ROM


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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 9 cm


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