EMF1 MARCH 2023 – Guided Online Course PRO EMF Assessment and Mitigation

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With this payment you will have paid one third of the USD 1995 total on the guided online course with a small number of fellow students. Access to the online knowledge centre for study and weekly online review sessions with Patrick van der Burght or senior trainers to guide your learning. (Remaining balance USD 1330, due 1 week before first only meeting. If you took advantage of an Early Bird offer, the remaining balance remains the same. (USD 1330)

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Guided Online EMF Course (EMF1) – March 2023
Late Sessions to suit Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Australasia region
Deposit payment

PRO-Level EMF Assessment and Mitigation Course. A stand-alone guided online program that can see you active in the field assisting families in as fast as 2 month. Including all the inclusions mention on the EMF1 course product page.

This program can be expanded on by also doing the EMF3 In-Person Practical Workshop which then means you have done then complete program referred to as ‘EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up course.’

Learn more about this Guided Online Course (EMF1) here.

See all scheduled meetings for this course in the calendar.

This is a deposit payment for registration

The payment you make today when you purchase this, represents a third deposit of the total price in order to secure your spot. The remaining balance is payable before the first EMF1 online meeting date. If you took advantage of an early bird discount on this deposit, this does not affect the required payment of the balance.
Your 12 months access to the EMF2 business sessions starts from paying your deposit so you can already join us for Business Focus sessions if they are held before your EMF1 course starts.

Couple’s Discount for EMF1

If you are a couple and you can do EMF1 together from one computer and one webcam during meetings, then we allow one partner to only pay half. To enrol as a couple, purchase two seats in this course in one transaction and you will only need to pay the remaining sixth of the total for one of you to bring it to the half price for that one partner.

Regarding Early Bird Discounts

It helps us plan and schedule future courses if we know who is coming to courses well in advance. Therefore you may find some Early Bird discounts available for courses which start further into the future. Early Bird discounts are linked to a schedule and will reduce (possibly without warning) just like airfares increase closer to the departure date. Course price will return to the normal pricing (no Early Bird discount) several months before the start date OR WHEN STUDENT NUMBERS are past half full. This means that no matter how early on, the last seats are only available at normal price.

Should you wait for a later course? – If an early course is available, it may be more to your advantage to take the early one, even if no Early Bird discount is available. By starting later, your possible consultant career will also start later and your income stream from your new work will start to develop later. For the sake of an Early Bird discount, it is likely better to start your new career path sooner.

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