EMF SALE: Grab a bargain in June 2021 with Discounts on EMF Shielding, Mattresses, Pillows, Course and the TF2 and TM-190 amateur EMF meters

Discount on many GEOVITAL products June 2021

Discount on many GEOVITAL products

For us the end of the financial year is coming and we’d like to go out with a bang. You can secure a bargain on T98 Shielding Paint, NOVA shielding fabric and NOVA Shielding Canopies, GPA Mesh, Grounding Tape, GEOVITAL Mattresses, Pillows, COURSES(!) and the TF2 Trifield Meter as well as the TM-190 EMF meters.

A nice 12.5% discount is available to just 1000 purchasers globally.

It’s a great time to grab the bull by the horns and make some improvements in your home with products carefully designed with long term benefit in mind. Health client pricing or past student discounts are not further reduced by this discount but now everyone can purchase with a discount.

Sale effective on the EMF Shielding category, Bedding Category, Courses and the TF2 meter as well as the TM-190 meter.

Make your way to the shop and place your order now.

Use CODE:     JUNE2021       during checkout to apply available discounts.

BACKORDERS ? It might be we sell out but we’ll honor the prices offered and deliver you when more stock becomes available, so don’t let ‘Available on Back Order’ scare you away. Backorders not available on the TM-190.

Have a Health Client Code? – Your GEOVITAL consultant would have given you a health client code at the end of your assessment. If you have it, you should use this code instead. Lost it? As your consultant.

Last year our canopies flew out the shop during the sale

Is it time for that nice step and do something extra worthwhile in your bedroom that you’ll enjoy for years to come? A Single, Queen or King NOVA canopy that protects you and loved ones will make a big impact on your sleeping environment.

Available in Cotton and Polyester now also

NOVA fabric is SILVER platted COPPER thread COCOONED in either COTTON or POLYESTER. Polyester has not been available for a while but it is back with its brighter white, being more see through and lease prone to creasing.

Graeme Dinnen in Bali purchased a NOVA canopy some time ago and made you this video. Is it time to get yours?


Great EMF1 Early Bird Price available for a short time and 12.5% discount also applies for as long as it lasts!

PRO EMF CONSULTANT Assessment and Mitigation Course starting in July

We know many of you have considered making a career or nice side business out of assisting your community with EMF assessments and helping with mitigation.

We’re doing a test right now…. We’re increasing the maximum number of students from 8 to just 10 and have made amazing never seen before early bird prices available to new EMF1 students for the July course.

This price increases as we get closer to the starting date, so jump in now.

Check it out the EMF1 course in the Health Stronghold shop now under COURSES