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Webinar Hosting is a great way to reach more people and stay connected with them – Let’s walk you through the process

You have to reach out to the community to let them know you are available as a well-trained EMF consultant and Geobiologist. One way to do that is to offer some of your expertise for free in online events that people need to register for. The benefits for webinar hosting and the applications for webinars are wide-ranging but the process might seem daunting.

In this session we’ll take you through the back-end processes of setting up a webinar, using this system.

This session is included for students who committed to the EMF1 and EMF2 modules. As part of the EMF2 practical workshop module and its associated EMF2 Business Online Sessions, we want to help you maximise the effectiveness of ways your business can reach people that need you.


REGISTRATION for non-EMF2 students



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