Health Client discount is available.  Many products have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants. T98 is an electrically conductive grounded protection for the deflection and absorption of RF radiation and electric fields. When applying the recommended 2-coats, the shielding effectiveness against high (radio) frequency (RF) radiation reaches a staggering 53 and 54 dB at typical 4G and 5G tower-to-phone frequencies. This means a RF shielding effectiveness of 99,9996%.  When tested against typical 5G tower-to-phone frequencies with a 3 coat application, scores went to 60dB (99,9999%) at 3.4-3.8Ghz and 66dB at 5.8Ghz (99.999975% !!). Important accessory: Grounding tape