40 Year Anniversary Celebration SALE – Discounted quality EMF Protection and Healthier Mattresses ahead of a significant price rise

40 Year Anniversary of GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection

In 1982 it all started and the beginnings for GEOVITAL Academy started which would assist thousands of families around the world with a holistic approach in the years the come.

You may know that GEOVITAL and the Hahnen family were one of the earliest pioneers in the field radiation assessment and creating holistic solutions to create healthier sleeping environments. Did you know it all started now 40 years ago? It’s time to celebrate GEOVITAL. EMF courses have been discounted dramatically for the occasion and for the countries outside Europe also discounts on shielding and bedding are available. It is for November only including BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY or until quotas has been reached, so act now!

SHIELDING + BEDDING: LARGE Discount for clients AND a special discount for our Health Clients

GEOVITAL has always recommended a fact finding home assessment by one of our consultants, before making purchases or changes to a home or bedroom. As we knew our patients in the original clinic quite well, we had ‘mates rates’ for them… or ‘Health Client pricing’ as we call it. This is still available now. During this SALE, people who have not had a home assessment done by one of our consultants can enjoy the whopping 15% discount* which Health Clients normally enjoy, on Electrosmog (shielding) and Sleeping (Mattresses and bedding) shop categories.

For our Health Clients, we have a never seen before 17% Discount on Electrosmog (shielding) and Sleeping (mattresses and bedding) during this SALE.

GEOVITAL Academy Buildings in Austria

GEOVITAL Academy Buildings in Austria

COURSES: Temporary 40% Anniversary Price Reduction
AND a 33% Discount^ in November 2022

EMF1 guided PRO online training, EMF2 Business Sessions and Website copy, EMF3 workshops, the CLASSIC course held in Austria in July 23, self-guided online courses on amateur meters and the Tiny house or Extension Radiation-Free Building course… are at super tempting value this month only. We have temporarily reduced the prices of the EMF1 and the CLASSIC course by 40%, and this month you get an extra 33.3% discount on your deposit payments.

This means that a EMF1 guided PRO online course which was 1998 USD, is now only 1198 USD. Your deposit payment would be 599 USD but in November you can get 33.3% off your deposit! Buy an EMF1 course which has an Early Bird offer available, and you’ll get 33.3% off that!

EMF2 12 months Business Sessions for new consultants. Was 598 USD, now with a 33.3% discount it is only 399 USD! (Or maybe you can do an EMF1 which has a bundle price with EMF2 included for even less).

EMF3 workshops around the world. Secure approx. an extra 130 USD off your deposit this month, when you secure your spot.

CLASSIC Course in Austria (English in July). Was 1398 USD, now just 838 USD from the 40% anniversary price reduction. Purchase this November, an enjoy an extra 33.3% off your deposit payment… that is another 139 USD saved! Bringing your GEOVITAL Assessment and Mitigation course in Austria down to just 698 USD!!


Pending Price Hike on GEOVITAL solutions

The cost of production of our holistic radiation solutions has been increasing over the last year. We have been absorbing the higher cost and left our pricing the same. This is no longer doable and a significant price adjustment will likely take effect on the 1st of January 2023.

The November 2022 SALE is the last opportunity to do something special for our anniversary and for you to secure our excellent value-for-money holistic solutions for your family. In December 2022 pricing may still be at the 2022-level, but the specials will have stopped and delivery may take longer.


Discount Coupon Codes for GEOVITAL EMF protection solutions and Courses

For the 33.3% discount off Courses^, use


For the 15% discount off Electrosmog (shielding) and Sleeping (mattresses and bedding) shop categories, use


For our home assessment clients, the 17% discount off Electrosmog (shielding) and Sleeping (mattresses and bedding) shop categories, they can use


(The code is linked to your email address we have on file. If it doesn’t work for you, please contact our office. The 40yearshelping does not work together with other codes. If you wish to purchase a course as well, then make that a seperate purchase.)


*Discounts are available on most items but not all.
^ In case of deposit payments, the 33.3% extra discount does not apply to the balance payment which is due some weeks before the course starts.

40 Year Anniversary Sale EMF Radiation protection